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Raising awareness isn't easy. Getting legislation passed isn't easy. We need your help with both!


Whether you are a student, faculty, alumni, or fan, community support is needed to help raise awareness and get legislation passed. ​

In order to restore Kansas campuses, we must build support from the Universities to the Statehouse. 

Call/Email your Legislators

Using the draft language and resources below, spread the UCA's mission with your legislators.

Build University Support

Whether it's talking with friends or the student governing council, more support on campus will lead to better results.

Share on Social Media

Using #RestoreOurSchools or #RestoreKansasCampuses, share pictures of areas on campus needing repair with the world.



  1. Click the button below to look up contact information for your State Representative and Senator.

  2. Enter your address and search.

  3. Save the emails for each legislator.

  4. Copy the email language below and paste into a new email.

  5. Add in the recipient's name where needed.

  6. Make it personal. 

  7. Send!

Legislator Lookup

Email Language

Dear <Title> <Last Name>,

I am writing to you in support of restoring Kansas campuses and solving deferred maintenance. The Board of Regents has found that the current estimated maintenance backlog for state universities is nearly $1.3 billion. 

Only funded at 1/3rd of the necessary level, deferred maintenance on campus has become Kansas' second largest liability. As a result of this liability, higher ed enrollment in Kansas has seen a drop of almost 10% over the last 5 years.


From leaky roofs to outdated technology, it is time to modernize and repair infrastructure on state university campuses across Kansas in order to create a safer, usable, and state-of-the-art educational space for students.

As a <student, faculty member, administrator, alumni, fan, or community member>, I am in support of solving deferred maintenance and restoring our state universities!

Thanks in advance for your support and time.


Kind regards, 


<City of Residence>

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